An Introduction:

I work primarily as a stage actor, but the training I received also helps with my work as a voice actor. Below, you will find a few demos of my work and my abilities. These were recorded using a Blue Snowball and Adobe Audition, but I will be upgrading to a Blue Yeti quite soon!

Demo 1: Audiobook

The following audio file features Jonah Kirkhart reading from the first stave of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. The audio recording includes general narration, young male voice, and old male voice. 

Demo 2: Shakespeare

The following audio file features Jonah Kirkhart performing as Richard Gloucester from William Shakespeare's Richard III. The performance highlight's his skills as a trained actor with acute pronunciation and annunciation skills. 

Demo 3: Advertising

The following audio file represents Jonah Kirkhart advertising for a spring break giveaway. This file demonstrates energy and flow from point to point, and the ability to sum up larger ideas in single catchy phrases. 

Demo 4: Monologue

The following audio files presents Jonah Kirkhart performing a monologue from the contemporary play The Chairs by Eugene Ionesco. This monologue presents more contemporary character performance traits.